A couple celebrating.
A couple celebrating.

In truth, nothing sucks more than finding a lady who you get in addition to great, and with whom you want to have an actual romantic relationship. Still when you suggest the idea, or take her out on to start dating ?, she then proceeds to hit you with something for example “I just want to be friends with you”, or “I think of you as a brother, not as a boyfriend”. The pain of being rejected in this way is actually much worse than having told “no”, in plain and simple language. But there are methods to avoid friend zone problems with women- today you are going to discover what you need to do to get into a romantic relationship with the woman you will have your eyes on, and avoid “just being friends”.

Below are a few of the basic tactics you need to employ to avoid friend zoom issues with any woman you have an interest in-

o End up being attractive and interesting, not just “nice and cooperative” : One of the single most powerful things you can do when talking to a woman is always to not walk on egg shells. You don’t have to agree with almost everything she says or does, you don’t have to worry about offending her together with jokes and sarcasm, you shouldn’t be like a wall which certainly not talks back.

o Most importantly, you need to FLIRT during interactions to maintain her interest and make yourself stand out from the rest of the package. Make her the butt of a few jokes, phone her out in front of her friendzone définition, tease their, be sarcastic- all of these tactics work wonders when it comes to flirting and also being interesting,

o Agreeing with everything she says, under no circumstances challenging her, not cracking jokes for the risk of insulting him / her etc will only put her off you and make that nearly impossible to avoid the friend zone. You must understand that you should not be “neutral” when talking to her- if she’s effortlessly insulted from jokes and playfulness then she’s not just a keeper anyway.

o Don’t smother her with focus, nor shower her with gifts and random gifts. If you are a “white knight” then she won’t have to follow you, as you have already surrendered yourself to her. Remember that ladies love the thrill of the chase, and if you make it also easy then they will discard you and move on to another guy. Being “hard to get” is the key component of virtually any successful pick up artist’s repertoire.

o Don’t text/call her unless it is to arrange your next date. Avoid at all costs mailing stupid messages like “hey, whats up? ” every single day, as this will bore and annoy her. You can’t stay away from friend zone issues unless you get out of the mindset when she’s not communicating with you, she’s not thinking of you actually.

o Perhaps the most important thing to do is to take action and make any move. Don’t be scared of rejection, and don’t simply hover close to her life without making a move. Of course “only fools rush in”, but if you want to ask her on a time then do it- don’t confuse her by behaving like a friend sometimes, but like someone with a passionate interest the rest of the time. Once she starts thinking of people as a friend, it becomes very difficult to avoid the friend ligue, so you need to take action before that occurs.