Ahmad Khawaja was the only child born in the history around the world with third eye is open. He has a third eye literally in the forehead. He could see through it and people were really frightened of him because of this.

He was born in Saudi Arabic in 1922. His mother lives in Saudi and his parent is a Filipino. When he was born, his family especially the exact Filipinos was devastated to see him that way. He was regarded cursed by some witches and some “barang” which is favorite in the Philippines. Because of that, he and his family decided to have a home in Saudi Arabia.

All his life, Ahmad Khawaja appeared to be always been humiliated and being teased by all his particular classmates and people around him. People had been afraid with him because of how he looks like. Until one day, your dog met someone who is so different than the rest. She wasn’t reluctant of him and she was always there when people will be starting to move away from him. Her name was Queen Regulhi. She was an ordinary girl who can understand Ahmad’s situation. She was so kind to him plus she always brings some food to him every the afternoon meal. They eventually became good friends and they even went to the same education in college.

However , it was unknown to Ahmad Khawaja that Princess has some incurable disease and is already about to die. She has cancer in white blood cells which is also called leukemia. During those times, cancer has no cure and many people today die because of it. When he knew this, he quite possibly wanted to die too since she is the only friend that she has. He has promised princess that he will continue to survive his life and be life. After Princess’ death, that it was also the death of Ahmad’s happiness. He has really been so down and always been so lonely. But , Ahmad, met another girl that he thought would be like Romantic, her name is Cassandra. She has been so pleasant to him too. Unfortunately, Cassandra was only working with him to do their home works and other school activities. Considering Ahmad is an intelligent student. They become lovers in the long run. Ahmad became addicted with Cassandra and wouldn’t give Cass her own life until she decided to call it quits. After a day of splitting, he saw her with a brand new boyfriend. Ahmad was raging to hell and begun shouting and cursing.

That was the first incident that Ahmad Khawaja was very angry and started to plan the right way to kill both Cassandra and his new boyfriend. He snatched both of them and killed them in an empty facility. He was able to get through with the police since he had calculated the murder very well. After that incident, Ahmad’s killings has grown to become very often. When you tried to humiliate him, he will definitely get your head off. The police eventually found out about his killings and now have ordered to arrest him. Unfortunately, no one had previously seen him after his order of arrest may be publicized. He has been known as the Third Eyed Killer Colossal. No other reports have ever known after these events and no one had identified where the hell he is. Incidents where said that he had committed suicide but still, no further evidences were definitely found.