Things To Check When Examining I.D.’s

Within our onsite and online TABC certification classes, we hit home quite hard the subject of asking for identification and what matters to look for when analyzing an ID. You’d be amazed at the number of seller-servers wind up in prison after sting operations since they did not take some opportunity to test a ID thoroughly. Merely to watch, an ID should:

1. Look to be legitimate (Not perished, no apparent signs of modification or forgery)
2. Be issued by a government bureau
3. Include a physical description AND picture in accord with the client’s look, and
4. Contain a birth date that’s 21 decades or longer.
Acceptable Forms Of I.D.

But what types of ID are acceptable? As stated by the TABC, evidence of identification might be a driver’s license or ID card issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, a United States passport, a military identification card, or some other photo ID issued by a state or the national authorities.